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"""Config schema for a GitHub App instance details."""
import environ

# pylint: disable=relative-beyond-top-level
from ..models.private_key import GitHubPrivateKey
# pylint: disable=relative-beyond-top-level
from ..models.utils import SecretStr

[docs]def validate_is_not_none_if_app( self, # pylint: disable=unused-argument attr, value, ): """Forbid None value in a GitHub App context.""" # pylint: disable=relative-beyond-top-level,import-outside-toplevel from import detect_env_mode if value is None and detect_env_mode() == 'app': raise ValueError( f'GitHub App must provide a proper value for {attr!r}', )
[docs]def validate_fingerprint_if_present(instance, _attribute, value): r"""Validate that the private key matches the fingerprint pin. :raises ValueError: if the fingerprint pin is present \ but doesn't match the private key """ if not value: return if instance.private_key.matches_fingerprint(value): return raise ValueError( 'The private key provided (with a fingerprint of ' f'{instance.private_key.fingerprint!s}) does not match ' f'the pinned fingerprint value of {value!s}', )
[docs]@environ.config class GitHubAppIntegrationConfig: # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """GitHub App auth related config.""" app_id = environ.var( None, name='GITHUB_APP_IDENTIFIER', validator=validate_is_not_none_if_app, ) private_key = environ.var( None, name='GITHUB_PRIVATE_KEY', converter=lambda raw_data: None if raw_data is None else GitHubPrivateKey(raw_data.encode()), validator=validate_is_not_none_if_app, ) private_key_fingerprint = environ.var( None, name='GITHUB_PRIVATE_KEY_FINGERPRINT', validator=validate_fingerprint_if_present, ) webhook_secret = environ.var( None, name='GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET', converter=lambda s: SecretStr(s) if s is not None else s, ) app_name = environ.var(None, name='OCTOMACHINERY_APP_NAME') app_version = environ.var(None, name='OCTOMACHINERY_APP_VERSION') app_url = environ.var(None, name='OCTOMACHINERY_APP_URL') @property def user_agent(self): # noqa: D401 """The User-Agent value to use when hitting GitHub API.""" return f'{self.app_name}/{self.app_version} (+{self.app_url})'