Source code for octomachinery.github.utils.event_utils

"""Utility helpers for CLI."""

import contextlib
import itertools
import json
from uuid import UUID, uuid4

import multidict
import yaml

def _probe_yaml(event_file_fd):
        http_headers, event, extra = itertools.islice(
                (None, ) * 3,
    except yaml.parser.ParserError as yaml_err:
        raise ValueError('YAML file is not valid') from yaml_err

    if extra is not None:
        raise ValueError('YAML file must only contain 1–2 documents')

    if event is None:
        event = http_headers
        http_headers = ()

    if event is None:
        raise ValueError('YAML file must contain 1–2 non-empty documents')

    return http_headers, event

def _probe_jsonl(event_file_fd):
    event = None

    first_line = event_file_fd.readline()
    second_line = event_file_fd.readline()
    third_line = event_file_fd.readline()

    if third_line:
        raise ValueError('JSONL file must only contain 1–2 JSON lines')

    http_headers = json.loads(first_line)

    with contextlib.suppress(ValueError):
        event = json.loads(second_line)

    if event is None:
        event = http_headers
        http_headers = ()

    return http_headers, event

def _probe_json(event_file_fd):
    event = json.load(event_file_fd)

    if not isinstance(event, dict):
        raise ValueError('JSON file must only contain an object mapping')

    http_headers = ()

    return http_headers, event

def _parse_fd_content(event_file_fd):
    """Guess file content type and read event with HTTP headers."""
    for event_reader in _probe_yaml, _probe_jsonl, _probe_json:
        with contextlib.suppress(ValueError):
            return event_reader(event_file_fd)

    raise ValueError(
        'The input event VCR file has invalid structure. '
        'It must be either of YAML, JSONL or JSON.',

def _transform_http_headers_list_to_multidict(headers):
    if isinstance(headers, dict):
        raise ValueError(
            'Headers must be a sequence of mappings because keys can repeat',
    return multidict.CIMultiDict(next(iter(h.items()), ()) for h in headers)

[docs]def parse_event_stub_from_fd(event_file_fd): """Read event with HTTP headers as CIMultiDict instance.""" http_headers, event = _parse_fd_content(event_file_fd) return _transform_http_headers_list_to_multidict(http_headers), event
[docs]def validate_http_headers(headers): """Verify that HTTP headers look sane.""" if headers['content-type'] != 'application/json': raise ValueError("Content-Type must be 'application/json'") if not headers['user-agent'].startswith('GitHub-Hookshot/'): raise ValueError("User-Agent must start with 'GitHub-Hookshot/'") x_gh_delivery_exc = ValueError('X-GitHub-Delivery must be of type UUID4') try: x_gh_delivery_uuid = UUID(headers['x-github-delivery']) except ValueError as val_err: raise x_gh_delivery_exc from val_err if x_gh_delivery_uuid.version != 4: raise x_gh_delivery_exc if not isinstance(headers['x-github-event'], str): raise ValueError('X-GitHub-Event must be a string')
[docs]def augment_http_headers(headers): """Add fake HTTP headers for the missing positions.""" fake_headers = make_http_headers_from_event(headers['x-github-event']) if 'content-type' not in headers: headers['content-type'] = fake_headers['content-type'] if 'user-agent' not in headers: headers['user-agent'] = fake_headers['user-agent'] if 'x-github-delivery' not in headers: headers['x-github-delivery'] = fake_headers['x-github-delivery'] return headers
[docs]def make_http_headers_from_event(event_name): """Generate fake HTTP headers with the given event name.""" return multidict.CIMultiDict({ 'content-type': 'application/json', 'user-agent': 'GitHub-Hookshot/fallback-value', 'x-github-delivery': str(uuid4()), 'x-github-event': event_name, })