Source code for octomachinery.utils.versiontools

"""Version tools set."""

import os
from typing import Callable, Optional, Union

from setuptools_scm import get_version

[docs]def get_version_from_scm_tag( *, root: str = '.', relative_to: Optional[str] = None, local_scheme: Union[Callable, str] = 'node-and-date', ) -> str: """Retrieve the version from SCM tag in Git or Hg.""" try: return get_version( root=root, relative_to=relative_to, local_scheme=local_scheme, ) except LookupError: return 'unknown'
[docs]def cut_local_version_on_upload(version): """Return empty local version if uploading to PyPI.""" is_pypi_upload = os.getenv('PYPI_UPLOAD') == 'true' if is_pypi_upload: return '' # pylint: disable=import-outside-toplevel import setuptools_scm.version # only available during setup time return setuptools_scm.version.get_local_node_and_date(version)
[docs]def get_self_version(): """Calculate the version of the dist itself.""" return get_version_from_scm_tag(local_scheme=cut_local_version_on_upload)